Suggested Schemes

We have identified a number of schemes that could be implemented in response to the Secretary of State’s statutory guidance that “Local authorities in areas with high levels of public transport use [such as Epsom & Ewell] should take measures to reallocate road space to people walking and cycling, both to encourage active travel and to enable social distancing during restart.”

Cycle Routes
East StreetCycle route now implemented, but needs improvement at side turnings and eastern termination point.Map
Waterloo RoadCycle route under railway bridge (now implemented)Map
London RoadShared-use footway between Nonsuch Park entrance and traffic signals at Sparrow Farm RoadMap
Ewell By-passClear vegetation on footway to allow cycling between Cheam Road and London RoadMap
Cheam RoadImprove cycling conditions between Howell Hill Grove and Northey Avenue / Nonsuch WalkMap
Ashley RoadTwo-way cycling between Ashley Avenue and High StreetMap
High Street, EpsomTwo-way cycling between High Street (east) and market placeMap
Chalk LaneTwo-way cycling between Woodcote Road and Worple RoadMap
Kingston RoadTwo-way cycling between Stoneleigh Park Road and Bradford DriveMap
Ashley RoadProhibit car parking in cycle lanes 24/7Map
Priest HillImprove drainage on shared-use pathMap
Langley Vale RoadUse northbound nearside lane under bridge as a cycle lane (recent addition)Map
Langley Vale RoadConsider northbound (ie uphill) advisory cycle lane from Rosebery Road (recent addition)Map
EverywhereMark advanced stop lines for cyclists at traffic signals (Further information)
Traffic Management
Church RoadModal filter on railway bridge to stop rat-running by motor vehiclesMap
Worple RoadEliminate rat-running between Ashley Road and Avenue Road: modal filter or one-way westbound. Widen footways on this section. Retain cycle access.Map
Downs Hill RoadImprove conditions for pedestrians and cyclists, e.g. ban large vehicles, restrict car parkingMap
Park Avenue WestCurb speeding trafficMap
Poole RoadModal filter between Crosslands Road and Lansdowne Road (recent addition)Map
Ewell High StreetBus gate between Spring Street and West Street / Church Street (recent addition)Map
AnywhereReduce 30mph limit to 20mphMap
Epsom DownsReduce 40mph limit to 30mph (recent addition)Map
London RoadReduce 40mph limit to 30mph (recent addition)Map
School Streets
West DriveSchool Street (Cuddington Croft)Map
Sparrow Farm RoadSchool Street (Meadow Primary)Map
Danetree RoadSchool Street (Danetree)Map
Vale RoadSchool Street (Auriol)Map
Cudas CloseSchool Street (Mead)Map
Salisbury RoadSchool Street (Cuddington Community)Map
RosebankSchool Street (St Joseph’s)Map
Christ Church MountSchool Street (Stamford Green)Map
Worple RoadSchool Street (St Martin’s)Map