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Cycling / traffic management schemes we have suggested

Modal Filters

modal filter is a feature used to limit through journeys along a street to certain modes of transport, such as bikes and buses. It has the effect of reducing traffic either side of the filter, improving the local environment and creating an attractive route for pedestrians and cyclists. But vehicular access is still maintained to properties either side of the filter.

Modal filters can be implemented in a number of ways:

  • with traffic signs;
  • with bollards;
  • with planting.

There are already a few examples in Epsom & Ewell:

A modal filter in Manor Park. There is a similar one in Livingston Park.
Modal filter in Long Grove Road outside Southfield Park School

Suggested locations for modal filters

All maps © Open Street Map contributors
Alternative locations in Ewell High Street
Locations in Church Road
Poole Road

Bradford Drive to Stoneleigh Park Road

© Open Street Map contributors

What’s the problem?

Crossing Kingston Road SW-NE from Bradford Drive to Stoneleigh Park Road is not a problem. But, in the opposite direction, traffic has to turn left from Stoneleigh Park Road into Kingston Road towards Beggar’s Hill: it cannot turn right towards Bradford Drive. This is very inconvenient for cyclists.

What’s the solution?

Surrey originally proposed that SW-bound cyclists should share the footway outside the shops on the north corner of Stoneleigh Park Road – see picture below.

Stoneleigh Park Road – north corner with Kingston Road

But this proposal failed a safety audit because of the risk of collision between cyclists and people emerging from the shops.

We are therefore proposing a different scheme whereby SW-bound cyclists would use the dead space planted with bollards along the NW side of Stoneleigh Park Road at the approach to Kingston Road – see photo below.

Stoneleigh Park Road – approach to Kingston Road

It would then be necessary to reduce the width of the flower bed between Kingston Road and the service road in order to create a contraflow cycle lane.