Cycle Parking

Picture of cycle stands
Cycle parking stands in Waterloo Road

If I go there by bike, is there anywhere to lock it securely? How can I stop it being stolen?

Fortunately the centres of Epsom, Ewell and Stoneleigh are quite well provided with cycle parking stands. But there still some peripheral locations without them.

Who provides cycle parking?

Cycle parking stands may be installed by:

  • Surrey County Council on the public highway;
  • Epsom & Ewell Borough Council on borough-owned land, e.g. parks;
  • Private landowners, e.g. on the forecourt of supermarkets.

Tips for Preventing Theft

  • Never leave your bike out of your sight without locking it.
  • Ideally use two different types of lock to secure your front and back wheels and frame to a cycle parking stand.
  • Make sure a lock goes around a wheel, the frame and a cycle parking stand or railing. If you have only one lock and a  quick-release front wheel, you may wish to take it off and lock it to the back wheel, the frame and a post.
  • Do not use thin chains or cables, which can easily be cut with bolt-cutters. Avoid fat but lightweight cables that contain mostly air. (The bikes in the photo at the top of this page are all at risk.)
  • When you leave your bike, take off anything that can easily be removed – or someone else will.
  • If you have a quick-release saddle, replace the quick-release skewer with a conventional bolt.
  • If you have an expensive bike, consider buying a second cheap one for leaving on the street – if you have room to store it!
  • Be wary of leaving your bike near where kids are hanging about.
  • Be wary of buying a bike in through eBay or Gumtree – buying stolen bikes only encourages theft.
  • Remember that many bikes are stolen from in and around the home.

Watch two LCC videos on preventing bike theft:

Don’t let this happen to you!